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Prayer Request: For a Soulmate/Bride

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For a Soulmate/Bride (Sep 2, 2011)

Prayer Request:

I'm joining the US Army to become a medic, and basic starts October 4th. I'll turn 27 in basic. Please pray that God will provide me with a soulmate, a beautiful, godly, Christian bride when I'm in the Army. Also, pray that if it’s possible, I'll be deployed in a stable place where I could have a relationship, and later a wife and a family; but also pray that God will pave the way for things to work even if I’m frequently sent overseas. Pray that God will prepare us for each other. Pray that He’ll purify each of our lives, prepare us spiritually, and enable us to deeply love each other. Pray that our personalities and gifts will complement each other. Pray that we’ll be united in our calling, that she will be my wings, and that together with her, my calling will take wings and soar. Pray that she’ll be a great prayer warrior who places a covering over our family, and that she’ll be a great worshiper of the Lord, with instrument and tongue. Thanks for your prayers.

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