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Prayer Request: please pray- Money lost in life style scam, Child

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please pray- Money lost in life style scam, Child (Apr 25, 2016)

Prayer Request:
Dear Father, By gods grace i have achieved a good house,good job and financial conditions compared to my past. But i have fallen into many sinful acts.I am repenting for the sins i have done. Please pray for me to get salvations from sins. Recently in UAE, I have fallen into a life style scam worth Dhs 32,000/- and I joined in it without thinking anything. Right now am trying to get my money back. Please pray for me in getting it back. We are married for 1 year and praying for a child. Kindly pray for us to god for a good child. I am not getting mental peace in home and work atmosphere. Always some pressure and i am feeling mental depressions. I am having tensions regarding job security . I am not able to pray properly .I am not able to control my finance and lot of money am spending lavishly. I am facing extreme difficulty in repaying it .My wife is well educated and not getting a job as per his profile. A good job for my wife can help me to some extend . Kindly pray for me. Please pray for the health of my parents and brother. Please pray for getting rid of my sins ,ancestors sins and curse Thanks for all the blessings god have showered on me. 

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